Arlington settles lawsuit over Americans With Disabilities Act

| Thursday, November 1st, 2012 | 3 Comments »

The city of Arlington, TX has settled a lawsuit over the Americans with Disabilities Act for their streets and sidewalks.

ARLINGTON — After years of litigation, including an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, Arlington has reached a settlement with a group of residents who allege the city failed to ensure its sidewalks were accessible to people with disabilities.

Richard Frame, a quadriplegic resident, sued Arlington in 2005 over the lack of accessible sidewalks and curb cuts that he said were required under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

Lack of compliance is rampart. Despite this norm, lawsuits will continue.

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  1. The city was Arlington TEXAS, not Virginia.
    Here is a discussion of the Americans with Disabilities Act and sidewalks, including the Barden v. Sacramento court case that determined that sidewalks are indeed covered by the ADA years before the Arlington TX case.

  2. alexander lee says:

    John, thanks for the correction and the video. Do you mind if I make a new post of this video? Its significant that sidewalks everywhere have not been upgraded to accommodate people with disabilities… especially in older cities that have had their heyday, there may not even be sidewalks. Having a clear consideration for pedestrians, even ones that are not disabled, will certainly improve safety for everyone.

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